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        Price of fresh ginger in Anqiu on August 27th
        China Ginger Net 2021-08-27 11:41 Email: nongyanyuan@126.com On-duty phone: +86-537-3163974
        Ginger price for raw material at Anqiu Shandong
        Type Quality Price(¥) Changes
        Raw material ginger Top 1.7-1.8 same
        Fine 1.5-1.7 same
        Better 1.2-1.4 same
        Poor 1.1-1.2 same

        On August 27th, 2021

        This morning at the ginger market there are 30 pick-ups ginger availuable,more ginger need to sell,more ginger make the price soft.the buyer take goods slowly,generaly the ginger sales is not so fast.price change lower,The referring price is at 1.2-1.4 Yuan per Jin.

        The rwa material of ginger of Anqiu trend charts within 30days.

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